This project is a reflection of the findings of the survey that was conducted to understand what BPO Companies are doing towards the retention of their employees. The project overview encompasses the objective, rationale, and methodology adopted for the survey. It’s a snapshot of why and how the project was carried out.

The brief profile of the BPO Companies aims not only to introduce the companies but also to impart a better understanding of the BPO Sector as a whole. The companies Vision, Mission, Values, and Beliefs are mentioned in a nutshell.

The introduction to retention provides the theoretical base to build the project upon, and also to better understand the significance of the subject, highlighting the need for the organizations today to be more proactive in retaining their employees. The focus has been on why employees stay so that precautionary approach adopted by different organizations can be understood.

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The survey has also brought out the attempts made by the organizations towards building up of work environment focusing on employees, their morale, motivation, satisfaction and ability and willingness to be highly productive. At the same time, several reward and recognition initiatives have been developed to encourage desired employee behavior benefiting the organizations.

The money factor has also been considered to understand the organization’s approach towards developing their employee retention strategy around compensation, bonus, and incentives etc.

 OBJECTIVE: This research was undertaken to understand the various strategic initiatives adopted by different companies towards the retention of their employees; with an ultimate objective of analyzing the retention practices that are adopted by a BPO Company.

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