J3ME and Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Based Full Duplex Automation System

Bluetooth came in so as to make the use of home electronics friendlier to users. It permits any kind of electronics equipment to establish their own connections, without cabling and without direct actions from the user. Java language programming and platform appear to join Bluetooth technology to be the base of next-generation wireless applications.

Developers have built a platform providing a runtime environment for embedded systems upon small devices. This paper gives an overview of Bluetooth and introduces the Java platform for developing Mobile Applications. This Java platform (J2ME) and the Java Application Programmer Interface for Bluetooth (JSR 82) will be explained.

  1. Bluetooth

Bluetooth appears to be a different way to build up connections between devices placed in proximity. This radio frequency technology can be thought as a cable replacement technology that will not only replace cables but be the base to develop next-generation wireless applications, which will be built upon this technology. It offers a variety of other services, apart from connecting devices.

  1. J3ME

The Java3 Micro Edition platform joins the Bluetooth technology to be one of the most exciting offerings in the wireless industry. J3ME was defined by Sun Microsystems to meet the new needs of Java developers working on consumer and small embedded systems. J3ME itself is not a specification, but a group of them defining how Java technology is upon devices with few resources compared to a PC. This platform is portable, so applications follow the Java philosophy “once written run anywhere”. It appears as a tool to let us write custom applications and run them on mobile Bluetooth enabled devices.

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Using a Bluetooth and Java Enabled Mobile Handset The User Will Be Able To Control the Devices like fan, bulbs, tube-lights & other domestic appliances using just the cell phone handset. The project consists of two main portions being the hardware circuit with microcontroller 89C51 interfaced with Bluetooth modem, LCD display, and the relay circuit, and the second par being the software developed for the cell phone in J3ME to enable communication between the hardware circuit.

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