Report on Android Safety Application Using GPS and Messaging System

This report explains the details of development process for the Android Safety Application Using GPS and Messaging System software package. The main feature of this application is to provide location tracking functionality to Android devices using SMS.


This application locates a device by making a call to the device and gets its location in the form of the latitude and longitude of that Android device. The application also has the capability of authentication to allow the sender to share the location information with the receiver of SMS.

The application features a personal safety alarm that sends an emergency message to the user’s chosen contacts with the push of single button. In this application all ‘guardians’ receive a text message with a link to a map showing the user’s location via GPS. It gives the user two additional levels of safety: A risk mode with real time GPS tracking of the user’s positions and a timer mode with automatic alarm activation.

People talk much about safety; but are unable to do anything to prevent unsafe incidents. Citizens fight for human rights on the television and other public forums, but are often unable to take any concrete actions to help the general public. Here we have tried to develop an Android application to help the users enhance their security with the help of their mobile device.

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As a result of technological progress we are facing an incredible variety of possibilities to communicate regardless of the distance. Smart phones provide a great choice of features that facilitate the life for the users as well as make it more comfortable.

Every day the features and capabilities of handheld mobile phones are increasing at a surprising rate. For this reason we wanted to create an Android application which gives us the opportunity to improve our knowledge of Mobile application development. We find this project a great opportunity to combine many technologies and languages in the same software system, and learn how to work as a team in projects. An important motivation for us was the challenge to solve all the problems that arise while the project is developed. In addition, we wanted to make both the user experience comfortable and the program portable, reliable, secure, stable and intuitive.


Author: Arpit Porwal



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