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Proposed projects are beneficial only if they can be turned out into information systems, which will meet the organization’s operating requirements. Operational feasibility aspects of the project are to be taken as an important part of the project implementation.


Some of the important issues raised are to test the operational feasibility of a project includes the following: –

  • Is there sufficient support for the management from the users?
  • Will the system be used and work properly if it is being developed and implemented?
  • Will there be any resistance from the user that will undermine the possible application benefits?

This system is targeted to be in accordance with the above-mentioned issues. Beforehand, the management issues and user requirements have been taken into consideration. So there is no question of resistance from the users that can undermine the possible application benefits.

The well-planned design would ensure the optimal utilization of the computer resources and would help in the improvement of performance status.

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Economic Feasibility:

A system can be developed technically and that will be used if installed must still be a good investment for the organization. In the economical feasibility, the development cost in creating the system is evaluated against the ultimate benefit derived from the new systems. Financial benefits must equal or exceed the costs. The system is economically feasible. It does not require any additional hardware or software.


Functional Requirements:


Number of Modules

After careful analysis the system has been identified to have the following modules:

  1. Administrator module
  2. User module
  3. Advertisement module.


  1. Administrator module:

This module provides administrator related functionalities. Administrator can add, delete, edit and view the details of advertisements and classifieds. Administrator will moderate the system and can allow or ban the users.

  1. User module:

A user must be registered with the system to avail the services. A user can either purchase or sell a product through the system. A user can view the details of a specific display item and is allowed to contact the owner of that item.

  1. Advertisement module:

This module maintains all advertisements posted by the users and authorized by the administrator. The validity and duration of a classified depends on the administrator. The advertisements and classifieds can belong to categories such as education, rental, real estate, vacancies, cinema, cars, matrimonial etc.



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