Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation in HCC

INTRODUCTION: In the construction business, opportunities abound – but capitalizing on them has never been more challenging. Today, success is determined by what you know about your projects and when you know it. Your crews in the field may have all the high-tech tools and state-of-the-art equipment they need – but when information determines success, your management team needs to be similarly equipped. Unfortunately, many construction companies struggle with non integrated, multiple-vendor legacy systems that provide untimely, inaccurate information and make it difficult to adapt to changing business requirements.

In the age of information technology companies can take advantages of IT in terms of Hardware and Software. Companies use various stand alone systems to maintain the business process and operation by scatter and loosely coupled application. These scattered and legacy applications are not integrated with each other and there is no easy way to integrate them in a better way to easily maintain and get a high level output. To maintain this application required high amount of man power and cost. To integrate branches, department, process and business vertical in a wide area network required an integrated application.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning is enterprise wide information system which consolidate information from various functions/departments of an organization. Multi state company like HCC it is required to implement an application which can integrate their all business process to improve their operation, procurement, resource management, cost control, timely report, accounting.

Previously HCC uses various small applications to manage their business and operation like payroll system, accounting system, procurement system, tender system, attendance system, mis system. This application is not integrated and all different branches, worksite offices use their own application and to get output and error free reports in a central location is required very large time.

HCC decided to implement ERP system to overcome above problem and reduce operation time to control their business in better way and get competitive age over their competitor. HCC studies different ERP vendor and decided to Implement SAP ERP system for their construction business. HCC compare various ERP vendor however select SAP for their excellent track record for most successful ERP implementation and their times tested solution for Engineering, Construction & Operations.

HCC decided to implement SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations (SAP for EC&O) solution portfolio to help ensure their business success in J&K site.


HCC decided to go with SAP EC&O solution. SAP is world’s leader in ERP solution and having track record of most successful ERP implementation. The SAP for Engineering, Construction & Operations (SAP EC&O) solution portfolio provides a comprehensive set of integrated applications encompassing all key processes of the construction industry. SAP for EC&O solutions help increase profitability by enabling you to deliver more projects on time and within budget with fewer resources.

Business Challenges

  • Improve project execution
  • Mitigate growing operational and financial risks
  • Address more complex customer demands
  • Increase transparency within and across construction projects
  • Improve integration across the IT solution landscape Key Features
  • Complete process integration – Support all aspects of the construction business with tightly integrated single-source solutions
  • Cost and quotation management – Utilize historical performance data to improve speed and accuracy of bids and quotations
  • Procurement – Reduce the costs of materials and services acquired during project execution
  • Equipment management – Control equipment and tool assets with unmatched visibility into relevant data
  • Talent management – Identify pending labor shortages, maintain key in-house talent, and empower employees to master new skill sets rapidly
  • Opportunity expansion – Strengthen core competencies and develop upstream and downstream expansion
    Business Benefits
  • Maximize your profitability by enabling efficient project execution
  • Manage more projects with fewer resources by integrating and automating key business processes
  • Lower your total cost of ownership by implementing a fully integrated set of solutions
  • Reduce your operational and financial risk by implementing tight project controls
  • Improve your resource management by increasing your utilization of labor, equipment, material, and subcontractors
  • Minimize your risk by helping ensure high scalability and eliminating third-party add-on solutions


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