Consumer Preference Regarding Two Wheeler in Ghaziabad

INTRODUCTION: The Indian industrial sector has undergone profound regulatory changes in recent times as a consequence of the economic reforms program put together in between 1988 and 1991. Consequent to these reforms some of the industries that have been influenced the most have been the consumer durables industry, the automobiles industry and certain financial services. In an evolving industry especially in emerging economies like India, it is extremely important to formulate optimal policies on competitions in order to promote both competition as well as growth.

India is the second largest manufacturer of two wheelers in the world. It stands next only to Japan and china in terms of the number of two wheelers produced and sold respectively.

The Indian two wheelers industry can be broadly classified into three major segments i.e:-

1. Scooters

2. Motorcycles

3. Mopeds.

Here in this study , by this research we are trying to analyse about the number of two wheelers and how many people are using two wheeler. what motivates and influence them to buy two wheeler what is the most preferable choice in two wheelers in case of motor cycles and scooters and the most recent two wheelers choice in the market .what are their preferences , satisfaction level, who influenced them and the reason to buy.


Each and every work in our life is governed by some aims or objectives. Any work without any objective is like a ship in the mid sea without a compass. So for every work objective should be specific and focused. Our project is not an exception. Our questionnaire tells about the objective of the study in a nutshell.

  • To identify and analyze the market of automobile industry in two wheeler segment.
  • Giving conclusions and recommendations.




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