Finance Project Report on Comparison of Home Loan scheme of Different Banks

PREFACE: Modern organizations are highly complex ad dynamics systems. They operate under very turbulent social economic and political environment. They are required to reconcile several incompatible goals. Conflicting roles and divergent interest they are also fraught with the use risk and uncertainties, hence tactful management of such organization to plan to execute guide, coordination and control the performance of people to achieve predetermined goals. Management has to keep the organization vibrant moving and in equilibrium. It has to achieve goal which themselves are changing it is therefore a problem highly complex and ticklish.

This information will be asset to marketing manager in making effective decisions. The researches are used to acquire and analyze information and to make suggestions to management as to how marketing problems should be solved.

The marketing research is the process which links to manufacturer, dealers and individuals through information in important part of curriculum of M.B.A. programme is project taken by the students to institute under which he or she is studying, after completion of third semester of the programme.

The objective of this project is to enable the students to understand the application of the academics in the real business life. I am fully confident that this project report will be extremely useful to the management.


The roof over one’s head and ground beneath one’s feet count as the bare necessities of life. There’s nothing quite like owing a home, however humble to give that warm and glowing feeling. But when one buys a home, one has much more than a feel good purchase in mind! It’s also a crucial investment decision, perhaps the biggest spending decision of one’s life. There are ample opportunities today for young salaried investors to plan their moves early and buy a house at right time- and at right price. In the process, not only do they fulfill that cherished dream of owing a house, but also put themselves on the path to acquiring property that would meet the needs and aspirations of their growing family, even as it leads to wealth creation. Every individual aspires to own a home. But many either spend a lifetime saving to purchase a house or exhaust money on monthly house rents.

Take a house loan and let the monthly rent (easily converted into affordable EMI’s) build dream home.



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