MBA Project On Indian Stock Market

Indian Stock Markets is one of the oldest in Asia. Its history dates back to nearly 200 years ago. The earliest records of security dealings in India are meager and obscure. This is a MBA Project On Indian Stock Market . This project is very useful for the MBA and PGDM students.
Here in the following article Preface and executive summary is given. You can also download the entire project.


This project report pertains to the making of a PROJECT of M.B.A. curriculum.
The PURPOSE of this project is to make the students to have thorough knowledge of the topics given to them. I learned a lot from the hard work I put in to collect information regarding the same, which would be of great use in my near future as a professional.
Justification cannot be done to whatever I have learnt within a few pages but I have still tried my best to cover as much as possible about “Investors Perception Regarding Various Investment Avenues Available at the Stock Market” in this report.
Being students of Masters in Business Administration, we need to be aware of the organizational internal environment.

Executive Summary

The project studied by me in Karvy Stock Broking, Chandigarh, was “Investors Perception Regarding Various Investment Avenues Available at the Stock Market”.
Karvy Stock broking Limited is India’s leading capital markets company with All-India Presence and an extensive client base. Karvy Stock Broking possesses state of the art trading platform, best broking practices and is the pioneer in trading product innovations. A survey was conducted by me among the investors. Many-a-times, stock market investors take their investment calls based on certain prejudiced views which are often erroneous in nature. However, such investors are reluctant to stop following the myths they traditionally believe in, unless they’re explained as to why their views are illogically supported. It is important that investors keep a realistic view of the market terminologies.
An appointment was fixed with the investors of the respected areas in which their view point was studied, certain questions were asked regarding the Investment Avenues Available at the Stock Market; activities are to be included by the company products in regard to these benefits;; to what extent it effects the level of satisfaction and how far it is beneficial for the investors. There views helped me a lot to practically understand my project.





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