Project Report On Stress Management Of Employees

The desire for good, clothing, shelter, love and possession never end a human being. Human beings are called as the “creatures with never ending desires”But among these desires food, cloth and shelter are said to be the most basic need of human beings, which protect them from natural calamities.The following article is based on a Project Report On Stress Management Of Employees. This article includes  scope of study, objectives and company profile. You can download the entire project as well which is attached with this article.

Scope of study

This particular study about Work Stress Management is restricted within the organization. The study is conducted on the employees of the organization. This is not because of non-availability of resources but the nature of the study itself restricts it. It studies the existence or non – existence of stress among the employees in the organization and identifies the factors which are contributing for stress (If any). It also provides the various steps adopted by the organization for managing the work stress of the employees, which can be used as future reference for decision-making and policy making with regard to the employees. This study reveals the morale of the employees.


  • The objective of the study is to identify the existence of work stress in the organization.
  • If YES, then to study the factors causing stress among the employees
  • To study the impact and usefulness of Work Stress Management and also to suggest measures for coping with stress.

Company profile


The Company was incorporated under the Indian companies Act, 1956 on 8th June.1985 As Visaka Asbestos cement products Limited. With affect from 9th August 1990, the name of the company was changed to Visaka Industries Limited.

The company is an Rs.135 Crores turnover, dividend paying Company engaged in the business of Building Products and Synthetic Blended Yearns.


The company was jointly promoted by APIDC and Dr. G.Vivekananda to Manufacture Fiber Building Products. Dr. G.Vivekananda is a first generation entrepreneur. APIDC has since divested its entire stake.




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