A Study On Job Description Job Roles and Responsibilities Of Employees

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A JOB is a collection of tasks and responsibilities that an employee is responsible to conduct. Jobs have titles. A task is a typically defined as a unit of work, that is, a set of activities needed to produce some result, e.g., vacuuming a carpet, writing a memo, sorting the mail, etc. Complex positions in the organization may include a large number of tasks, which are sometimes referred to as functions. Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. Typically, they also include to whom the position reports, specifications such as the qualifications needed by the person in the job, salary range for the position, etc. Job descriptions are usually developed by conducting a job analysis, which includes examining the tasks and sequences of tasks necessary to perform the job. The analysis looks at the areas of knowledge and skills needed by the job.

Job Description is the method to analyze the designations in the Departments. It indicates what the employees of a particular designation has to do. The purpose of Job Description is create and maintain an standard job description template to all the employees of the particular designation in the department and to make them prior aware what skills they need to do the particular job and what are their roles and responsibilities .


  • To study the designations of the employees in the organization.
  • To know the various departments within the organization.
  • Interacting with various employees within each department.
  • To understand and redefine the existing roles & responsibilities of the existing job’s.

To clearly identify and spell out the responsibilities of a specific job.


  • The scope of the study covers employees of various departments in order to understand their designations
  • As MAA TV, is an organization with huge presence in service sector, it is important for each employee to know their exact roles & responsibilities.

To analyze the roles & responsibilities of each employee and redefine them.


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