Report on Study of Chemical Pulping Process and Extraction of Lignin, Cellulose

Lignin is a natural resource which exists in woody materials, agricultural residues, and other plant materials (so-called lignocellulosic materials). Lignocellulosic materials consist of 10–30% lignin by weight and 40% by energy.

Report on Electromagnetic Shearing Machine

As industrial is coming up across the globe various invention and innovations are being carried by the human to fasten various processes associated with manufacturing and align things. One such thing is industrial automation unit.

Report on Home Security System

This is a digital home security system with voice feature which can monitor room temperature, smoke, motion, and windows & doors. The system is fully digital and also be fully customized. It incorporated a 16×2 LCD display with a 4×4 Read More …

Report on Automation Control of Railway Signalling

All over the world Railway transportation is increasingly used, as this mode of transport is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly than road transportation. Trains move on iron rail tracks and wheels of the railway vehicle are also flanged Steel Read More …

Report on Dreams and Reality in the Outdoors

A walk around downtown Stockholm on a usual fall or winter day reveals a multicolored procession of rain parkas and thick down jackets walking alongside the more urban leather jackets or overcoats. Clothing designed to meet the rigors of wilderness travel Read More …

Report on Determinants of Capital Structure in the Swedish Dairy Farm Industry

The Swedish agricultural sector has witnessed vast structural changes in recent years (Djurfeldt & Gooch, 2002, pp. 75-77). The trend is fewer and bigger farms that can utilize economy of scale. This trend has been going on in Sweden for a Read More …

Report on The Circle of Life in Network Marketing Relationships

Network marketing is a business form that originated in the United States during the 1950’s. From there on, network marketing companies have gained exceeding ground and have become widely spread and recognized, especially during the past ten years.

Report on Financial Liberalization, Bank Crisis and Growth

In the last two decades, an increasing number of countries have eliminated controls on international capital movements. However, the global economic crises of recent years have led many economists to reconsider the beneficial effects of financial liberalization on economic performance.

Project Report on GSM-Security

GSM Security plays a more important part in wireless communication systems than in systems that use wired communication. This is mainly because of the ubiquitous nature of the wireless medium that makes it more susceptible to security attacks than wired Read More …