Developing a LBS Mobile Phone Application for Android Platform

Developing a LBS Mobile Phone Application for Android Platform
Today’s smart phones are stylish and versatile, packed with excited hardware features like touch screen, GPS, accelerometer this allure developer to develop innovative mobile applications. This paper presents the development of a native mobile phone application with much greater accessibility features. This paper also presents a business opportunity that exists for this mobile application by examining the market opportunities and technical aspects of the target platform. The end product will be an integrated location based service (LBS) application concentrating on Google Android platform. Developing native application can enhance the performance and usability of the application and concentrating on the Google Android mobile phone platform opens a large space to market the application, creating a business opportunity.


Mobile technology has shown greater advancement from past few years, and Mobile phones are the backbone of this technology. Today’s mobile phones are lot more than a communication device, there are around 2‐Billion mobile phones working presently and their usage is increasing drastically. A mobile phone is functionally divided in to two parts: communication part and application part. The later part offers a revolutionary use of a mobile phone. Present 3‐G phones have applications for anything such as an application for tracking your parked car, locating near by coffee shop, finding a hotel in town. Providing applications to increase the functionality of the mobile phones will be a serious Business idea. Targeting in providing applications, which integrate much usability will be in strong demand among the Mobile phone users and service providers.



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