Globally we have a marketplace built around continued economic growth, with trade between countries continuing to transcend national boundaries where barriers previously existed. Globalization is a two-edged sword in that it provides opportunities to maximize comparative advantage, but it also intensifies competition. Therefore it is critical that Governments recognize the changes as they impact on areas that include investment,economic growth and infrastructure development. Companies are using logistics as a key business tool to enable them to penetrate markets and improve returns. They are utilizing regional supply chains to challenge the status quo in terms of manufacturing locations, distribution channels, the number of suppliers and information systems. This has meant in many cases an evolution to inter modalism, a rationalization of suppliers in industry structure terms and an increase in outsourcing.
It is therefore important that Governments and industry work together to effectively manage the changes that will facilitate improved performance. These areas include the practical implementation of logistics, integrated infrastructure and policy development, the removal of impediments, information technology and communications,maximizing the benefits of foreign investment and managing the change.



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