Finance Project Report on Retail Banking and it’s challenges

ABSTRACT: As there is immense opportunities of the retail banking in India. This Dissertation is on the issues and challenges in the retail banking because of the competition of the various banks and the customer satisfaction of the services which the banks are providing and at the same time to solve the complaints of the customer and maintaining the sound relationship for the future and by this way to estimate the future growth of the retail banking.


  • To study the issues and challenges in retail banking
  • To study the recent trends in retail banking
  • To ensure high satisfaction level and reduce percentage of complaints of
    customers in retail banking.
  • To estimate the future growth of Indian retail banking.
  • To understand Optimization of retail banking channels.
  • To suggest strategies for improvement in Customer Service.


Data was collected from two sources-primary and secondary sources.

Primary data collection- The primary data was collected by means of survey. It was collected from different customers through questionnaire.

Secondary data collection-This data was collected from Internet, Company‘s websites & Magazines.


Sample size was restricted to 50 respondents, since it was not possible to cover the whole universe in the available time period.


For this research Non- Probability Convenience Sampling has been used because time limit for the completion of the work is limited and also managers and employees were not available all the time.

Area of Study- Ghaziabad

Duration- 3 months


  • Designing own and new financial products is very costly and time consuming for the bank.
  • Customers now-a-days prefer net banking to branch banking. The banks that are slow in introducing technology-based products, are finding it difficult to retain the customers who wish to opt for net banking..
  • A major disadvantage is monitoring and follows up of huge volume of loan accounts inducing banks to spend heavily in human resource department.
  • The volume of amount borrowed by a single customer is very low as compared to wholesale banking. This does not allow banks to to exploit the advantage of earning huge profits from single customer as in case of
    wholesale banking.



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