Finance Project On Retail Banking With Special Reference

This is an article on Finance Project On Retail Banking With Special Reference to Yes Bank. This finance project is useful To study the issues and challenges in retail banking. Executive summary and Contents and are listed down below. You can download the entire project as well.


A. Executive Summary 5-10

B. Introduction to the concept 11-16

C. Industry profile 17-19

D. Company profile
– Product/Services Profile 24
– Workflow model (end to end) 47

E. Mckinsey’s Seven S Model
-Structure 49
-Skill 50
-Style 51
-Strategy 54
-System 55
-Staff 56
-Shared Values 56
-SWOT Analysis 58

F. Research Methodology 60
– Title of the Project 61
– Statement of the problem 61
– Objectives 61
– Operational definitions 62
– Data collection 62
– Statistical Tools used for research 62
– Sampling Technique – Sampling Unit, Sample Size and 63

Sampling method.
– Plan of Analysis 66
– Limitations to the study 67

G. Data Analysis and Interpretation 68

H. Summary of findings 91

I. Suggestions 93

J. Conclusions – Future Growth 96

K. Learning Experience 97

L. Annexure 99
i) Financial Statements 100
ii) Questionnaires 107
(iii) Bibliography 111

Executive Summary

“A Study on Retail Banking with special reference to YES BANK”


As there is immense opportunities of the retail banking in India. This Dissertation is on the issues and challenges in the retail banking because of the competition of the various banks and the customer satisfaction of the services which the banks are providing and at the same time to solve the complaints of the customer and maintaining the sound relationship for the future and by this way to estimate the future growth of the retail banking.

1. To study the issues and challenges in retail banking
2. To study the recent trends in retail banking
3. To ensure high satisfaction level and reduce percentage of complaints of customers in retail banking.
4. To estimate the future growth of Indian retail banking.
5. To understand Optimization of retail banking channels.
6. To suggest strategies for improvement in Customer Service.



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