Intelligent Transport System & Ethanol Diesel

Public transport should always be the hallmark of a good transportation system for a city, especially for a city like Mysore, which is earmarked as the “Heritage City”, as it provides good impetus to the tourist population. The role of public transport is vital, particularly to reduce the use of personalized transport. The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is the major inter-city and intra-city service provider in Mysore. KSRTC provides
services to about 179,000 commuters per day by city services and about 128,000 by mofussil services.
This document is a Detailed Project Report that will facilitate KSRTC Management to take the next steps in finalizing the Request for Proposal specifications covering the functional, technical, operational specifications including detailed definition of various service level metrics. This Detailed Project Report also covers the estimated cost of implementing the system with scope for expansion as the number of buses, routes and commuters increases.

This project addresses two critical components:

(a) Intelligent Transport system (ITS)

Building intelligence into the transport system brings in the convergence of technologies providing a synergetic transformation in the commuter experience. ITS provides benefits in terms of Reduce waiting time and uncertainty, Increase the accessibility of the system, Increase the safety of users, Reduce the fuel consumption and emissions, Reduce the operational costs, Improve traffic efficiency, Reduce traffic congestion, Improve environmental quality and energy efficiency, Improve economic productivity.

The proposed ITS project implementation will include core components such as:
Vehicle Tracking System, Real Time Passenger Information System and Central Control Station. Core technologies include Geographical Positioning System (GPS), Electronic Display Systems, and Information & Communication Technologies.

(b) Ethanol blended diesel (e-diesel)

Ethanol blended diesel (e-diesel) is a cleaner burning alternative to regular diesel for heavy-duty (HD) compression ignition (CI) engines used in buses. The introduction of use of alternative fuel such as E-diesel for the fleet of Karnataka SRTC buses plying in Mysore region would certainly result in fewer emissions. Use of renewable fuel
(Ethanol) will also help to reduce fossil energy consumption and achieve the energy savings.



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