Road safety is emerging as a major social concern in the country. The statistics of deaths in road accidents is very high. A large chunk of people in India are unaware of the traffic rules and people who are aware show negligence in following the traffic rules. In Indian perspective safety norms have lagged behind the international standards. Moreover, the international companies launch their vehicles on Indian Roads but somehow forget to implant safety measures that are mandatory abroad. To name a few these include: air bags and censors and many more.

Most of the road accidents in India occur due to over speeding of vehicles, people using mobile phones while driving, people driving while drunk just to name a few. Sometimes road accidents are inevitable but the threat to human life in that case can be minimized by simply wearing the seat belt or a helmet. People in India have a casual attitude towards road safety which has caused the average mortality rate of people dying in road accidents to 100,000.

There have been several attempts by the Government of India to promote road safety. The need for stricter enforcement of law to ensure greater safety on roads and an environment-friendly road transport operation is of paramount importance. Safety and security are growing concerns for businesses, governments and the traveling public in Pune.

With the vehicle population growing on our roads and highways, we realize the need to roll out a comprehensive and a detailed study to understand the behavior pattern of the people of Pune and the effectiveness of road safety campaigns in Pune.



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