Principles for Regulation and Oversight of Emerging Technologies

Innovation with respect to emerging technologies –such as nanotechnology, synthetic biology, and genetic engineering, among others –requires not only coordinated research and development but also appropriate and balanced oversight. The White House Emerging Technologies Interagency Policy Coordination Committee (ETIPC) has developed the following broad principles, consistent with Executive Order 13563, to guide the development and implementation ofpolicies for oversight of emerging technologies at the agency level.
We share a fundamental desire for regulation.and oversight that ensure the fulfillment of legitimate objectives such as the prqtectio,fi,q{safety, health, and the environment. Regulation and oversight should avoid unj~stifiably inhibiting innovation, stigmatizing new technologies, or creating trade balTiers.
To advance these goals, the following principles, consistent with Executive Order 13563 and discussed and approved by the ETIPC, should be respected to the extent permitted by law.




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