Project Report On Buying Behavior Towards Fairness Creams

The term consumer behavior refers to the behavior that consumers display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating, and disposing of products and services that they expect will satisfy their needs. This article is concise form of a Project Report On Buying Behavior Towards Fairness Creams.

This article includes PURPOSED OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY, RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. You can download the entire project as well.


1. To see the awareness level of the consumer in references to
soap market.
2. To find out brand and colour and shape preference among
surveyed consumer.
3. What are the additional features required their brand and
their loyalty.
4. To know the reason for a switch over from one brand to
5. To study the influence of various sources of information on
consumers buying behaviour.
6. To evaluate the extent of expenditure of soaps.
7. To check consumer reliability on soap advertisements and
appeal of advertisement for soap.


Research methodology is a way to systematically represent
a research on any problem. It tends taken by the researcher in
studying the research problem alongwith the logic behind them.
It tends to define the methodology for the solution of the
problem that has been undertaken for the purpose of the study.
THE PROJECT : The topic undertaken for project is “Consumer
Behaviour towards Soaps Market”
IMPORTANCE OF STUDY : The importance of study can be
considered from different angles.
• For the Researcher : The study is important for
the research as it bridges down the gap between theoretical
knowledge and practical applications of the theoretical
concept learned during the cause of management studies. It
provides an exposure and experience for a field job.
• For the Public/Consumer : This study helps the
consumer to understand the complexity of the buying
behaviour. It provide insight into their own consumption
related decision What they buy ? Why they buy and how the
buy ? It make the product choice.
• For the Marketers : It will enable marketer to
understand the consumer psyche – better and will enable
them to make the product or modify the product according to
the consumers need satisfaction.




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