Project Report on Effect Of Loyalti Programs IN Different Convenience Stores In Gurgaon

This is a project report submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement for the award degree of Master of Business Administration. this article is a concise form of  Project Report on Effect Of Loyalti Programs IN Different Convenience Stores In Gurgaon.

This article includes Chapter scheme, Objectives of study, Significance of study etc. and you can the entire project as well.


This study is divided into various chapters. The organization is as follows: Chapter 1 Significance of study Review of exiting literature Chapter 2 Conceptualization, which includes introduction of loyalty programs in different convenience stores, Focus of Problem Chapter 3 Introduction of Retail industry, Retail industry in India, types of Retail in India, company profile. Chapter 4 Objectives of study Chapter 5 Research Methodology, which includes Research Design, Collection of Data and Data Analysis and Interpretation. Chapter 6 Conclusion and Suggestion for selecting any convenience stores, Limitations of Study, Summary of entire project & Bibliography.



The main objective of any kind of research is to understand the reality behind a phenomenon. It involves a systematic investigation involved to add to the available information through scientific procedures. The project undertaken by me as a part of my M.B.A. course is an effort made to study of convenience stores with emphasis on effect of loyalty programmes on customers of convenience store. “To Study the Effect of Customer Loyalty Programs in different Convenience Stores in Gurgaon”.  To study the Customer Loyalty Programs in different convenience stores.  To know that how they attract to the Customers for purchasing in the convenience stores.  To know the Effect of Loyalty program on customers.


Significance of study is important for the retail companies. Who fail or lack in customer loyalty program in convenience store. It is to study that how the loyalty programs attract to the customers and effects of loyalty program on customer.



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