Project Report On Employees Training And Development

This article is concise form of a Project Report On Employees Training And Development. this article is ver useful for MBA and PGDM students. Here in this article Research Methodology is given and you can download the entire project as well.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY MEANING OF RESEARCH:- Research as “ the manipulation of things, concepts of symbols for the purpose of generalizing to extend, correct or verify knowledge, whether that knowledge aids in construction of theory or in the practice of an art.” The Research Methodology followed for further work can be primarily classified into two stages namely Exploratory and Descriptive. The stepwise details of the research are as follows: Stage – I Exploratory Study: Since we always lack a clear idea of the problems one will meet during the study, carrying out an exploratory study is particularly useful. It helped develop my concepts more clearly, establish priorities and in improve the final research design. Exploratory study will be carried out by conducting: Secondary data analysis which included studying the website ( of the company and also going through the various articles published in different sources (magazines, books, internet, newspapers) on Small and Medium Scale Enterprises and Training and development process. Experience surveys also conduct with Assistant-Manager Human Resources and the General Manager and Personnel Officer of ________________ to gain knowledge about the nature of Training and development process followed in the organization. Stage – II Descriptive Study: After carrying out initial Exploratory studies to bring clarity on the subject under study, Descriptive study will be carried out to know the actual Training and Development method being followed. The knowledge of actual training and development process is needed to document the process and suggest improvements in the current system to make it more effective. The tools used to carry out Descriptive study included both monitoring and Interrogation. Sample Selection : To know the Training and development process of the ___________, for identifying through Exploratory and Observational studies that the Assistant Manager Human Resources, the General Manager at Head office and The Esteemed Managing Director of the company are the right persons who provides training to the employees. Research has shown specific benefits that a small business receives from training and developing its workers, including: • Increased productivity. • Reduced employee turnover. • Increased efficiency resulting in financial gains. • Decreased need for supervision. Limitations:  In view of the limited time available for the study, only the Training and Development process could be studied.  The sample size is too small to reflect the opinion of the whole organization.  The answers given by the respondents have to be believed and have to be taken for granted as truly reflecting their perception



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