Project Report on GSM-Security

GSM Security plays a more important part in wireless communication systems than in systems that use wired communication. This is mainly because of the ubiquitous nature of the wireless medium that makes it more susceptible to security attacks than wired communications. Download Report:

In the wireless medium, anyone can listen to tow whatever is being sent over the network. Also, the presence of communication does not uniquely identify the originator (as it does in the case of a pair of coaxial cables or optical fibers).

To make things worse, any tapping or eavesdropping cannot even be detected in a medium as ubiquitous as the wireless medium.

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Thus security plays a vital role for the successful operation of a mobile communication system. GSM is a 2G system that is used daily by hundreds of millions of people.

This document aims to give an introduction to the security mechanisms used to protect GSM2 and present the attacks possible to mount on the system, mainly on the anonymity, authentication and confidentiality aspects of security, along with the resources needed. This will include:
• Describing how the very complex GSM system works. Components used to build the system are introduced and the techniques used to provide the functionality are described. This will answer the question: How does GSM work?
• Introducing the requirements on the security of a wireless communication system along with the mechanisms used by GSM to meet these requirements. This will answer the question: What are the valuable assets of GSM and how are these assets protected?



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