Project Report on Coin Based Mobile Charger

The objective of this project is inserting the coin using charge for your mobile phone in public places.This project is very useful to people who are all using the mobile phone without charging condition in the public places.


In this project, who are all using mobile phones in outside of the home are the office without charging condition. The coin-based mobile phone charger is very useful to that person for using a coin to charge for that mobile. The IR (infrared) transmitter is used to transmit IR signal on the transmitter side.

The IR receiver is used to receive the IR signal on the receiver side. Between the IR transmitter and receiver, insert a coin to change the polarity of a pulse in SCU input.

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The SCU is used to converting low pulse to high pulse and that pulse is inverted by an inverter. The 555 IC acts as a timer to produces a high pulse for particular time period. Again the SCU is used to converting low pulse to high pulse and this output is given to an input of driver circuit.

The driver circuit is used for providing the sufficient input voltage of relay. The relay will on to activate the 230v charger, we will use the charger to charge for our mobile phone.



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