Enterprise Hypocrisy with Specifics to Recruitment and Selection

Today the dilemma enterprises are faced with is costing them tons of money to set the image right that keeps on getting wrong. People are hired on loads of relevant work experience with excellent academic backgrounds up their sleeves yet the element to be deceptive in behaviour constantly lurks within the individual worker of an

organization. Deceptive in behaviour constantly lurks within the individual worker of an organization. The quote of Emerson above illuminates the fact that there is a missing link to organizational success at all levels.

The question as to why people accrue such behaviour is an integral part of our research study. The basic gateway to any organization or company is through recruitment and selection of an individual for that company, so our
focus is to investigate the events that take place at this gateway. The business news informs us on a day-to-day basis about the stories of big companies that are struck by their own employees working at different positions through mendaciousness resulting in different kinds of scandals. These people have excellent resumes that get the chance of working in prestigious organizations and yet their behaviour in a negative context mars the
position of the company.



Research and development are continuously being carried out to curtail fuel emission, the reason being that automobile manufacturers realize the problem and in order to solve it, they strive and motivate others to search for new horizons. An example in this context is the Hybrid car of Toyota Corporation79. Toyota understands that cars have a negative impact on the environment and therefore have consciously assumed the responsibility to find
new ways towards the reduction of CO2 emission. Investing in this responsibility (corporate social responsibility), Toyota fascinates people to think from within.

In the process of achieving this dream, Toyota established an Earth Charter in 1992 and in 1997 it began the Eco-project campaign, a platform for an open dialogue on the topic “sustainable mobility”. Toyota is certain that its hybrid technology will be the core technology for helping solve the environmental and energy issues of the present and the future. Toyota is also planning to launch Flex-fuel vehicles next year (spring 2007) that
run at 100% bio-ethanol. Toyota’s main idea is the preservation of the environment and that is being done through rigorous R & D for the development of internal combustion engines, utilizing biofuels and hybrid technology. For this reason, it is striving to use the natural fuel as sparingly as possible, achieve higher fuel efficiency and cleaner exhaust emissions through its commitment to environmental preservation.


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