Report on Electromagnetic Shearing Machine

As industrial is coming up across the globe various invention and innovations are being carried by the human to fasten various processes associated with manufacturing and align things. One such thing is industrial automation unit.

In this automation units, various machines those can be adopted easily are also getting developed.

Considering the example of piping industry (manufacture of small pipes) where plastic is PVc pipes are needed to be cut, shearing machines are used. There can be various types of shearing machines depending on parts
to be cut process of cutting, the requirement of cutting length, etc.

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Now a days hydraulic shearing machine, pneumatic shearing machine and mechanical type shearing machine are popular type of shearing machines used in above industries.

These machines are certainly good at work but as with almost all types of machines, there are certainly pros and prone association with them too for the purpose various work is being carried out to solve the dilemma.

In this project shearing m/c of a new type i.e. electromagnetic shearing m/c is decided to be fabricated. Along with it has also been decided to develop automation unit for the same so that m/c can easily be adopted in today’s automated plants.



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