Report on Knowledge-based Organizations Working Toward Sustainability

The research conducted in this thesis was a joint effort, with each researcher bringing their unique experiences, perspectives and strengths to create a final product that is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

David Adema brought his succinct business acumen, writing skills and attention to detail, keeping the group on track and ensuring deadlines were met. Sara Blenkhorn delivered to the group her networking skills and ability to see what is missing, bringing the group quality interviews, and identifying and filling gaps when things were missing.

Sarah Houseman brought her networks, robust research and writing abilities, giving this thesis tremendous breadth and depth. This document was written, researched and edited by these three individuals with each serving a certain role in creating both separate and combined sections of the document. Many roles were undertaken by team members to produce this document, some very visible others less so and all essential to producing a co-created document.

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The roles encompass: organization and planning, research and writing, editing, design and layout, emotional and process orientated work. The thesis team originally convened around the following question posed by The Natural Step International:

“What organizational models and practices are needed to scale- up the dissemination of information that builds the Strategic Sustainable Development capacity throughout society?”

As this thesis evolved, we brought our own interests and experience to derive a different but related research question that we hope still provides insight to TNS and all other KBOs working for social and environmental

In the beginning stages of this study, we developed several processes for working together. All decisions were made through consensus. Silence and short breaks were practised where an expedient consensus could not be
reached. Each group member took responsibility for expressing their individual needs and the group respected those needs in return.



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