Report on Latest Features of Smart Cards & Intelligent Tokens

Smart Cards are plastic credit cards devices with an integrated circuit chip with the microprocessor. These smarts cards have the mechanism for storing and/or processing information. Intelligent Tokens (iButton) are high capacity general-purpose electronic data carriers, each with a unique registration number.

They have the same components as smart cards but are shielded by a steel case. This paper will show the differences between contact smart cards, contactless smart cards and intelligent tokens (iButton) with respect to RAM, ROM, and EEPROM and other related aspects.

As the use of computers has been more and more widespread within organizations and individuals all over the world, the way people thinks has changed, and the need to apply this technology to all of daily aspects has increased. Smart cards are becoming acceptable for user authentication and many other purposes.

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“There are lots of different kinds of smart cards: security cards (used to identify the carrier), electronic wallet cards (with stored value), processor cards (which carry out proprietary calculations in a black box fashion), memory cards and even cards with virtual machines to run Java applets!”

Smart cards and intelligent tokens uses encryption algorithms to provide the required level of data security to prove the identity of the person sending/receiving the message and that the message hasn’t been altered.

There are many custom command sets used by smart cards but most of them are based around the ISO-7816 specifications, which set out the communication protocols ad defines the commands used by smart cards in great details.  “Smart cards allow thousands of times the information storable on magnetic stripe cards.

In addition, smart cards are more reliable, perform multiple functions and are more secure because of high security mechanisms such as advanced encryption and biometrics.

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