ONLINE HOTEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : This project is useful for the authorities which keep track of all the users registered in a particular state .The authority can add hotel packages, room details, availability of rooms, online booking etc. The following steps that give the detailed information of the need of proposed system are:

Performance: During past several decades, the records are supposed to be manually handled for all activities. The manual handling of the record is time consuming and highly prone to error. To improve the performance of the Hotel Management System, the computerized system is to be undertaken.

This project is fully computerized and user friendly even that any of the members can see the report and status of the company. Efficiency: The basic need of this website is efficiency. The website should be efficient so that whenever a new user submits his/her details the website is updated automatically. This record will be useful for other users instantly.

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Control: The complete control of the project is under the hands of authorized person who has the password to access this project and illegal access is not supposed to deal with. All the control is under the administrator and the other members have the rights to just see the records not to change any transaction or entry. Security: Security is the main criteria for the proposed system. Since illegal access may corrupt the database. So security has to be given in this project.

11 PROJECT CATEGORY This Project is coupled with material on how to use the various tool, sub sets available in JSP, SERVLETS AND MY SQL. The need of today’s software development is competence in a GUI based front-end tool, which can connect to Relational Database engines. This gives the programmer the opportunity to develop client server based commercial applications. These applications give users the power and ease of a GUI with the multi user capabilities of Novell, UNIX or WinNT based RDBMS engines such as MY SQL .

All the important coding techniques used by programmers, in OOPS based coding is brought out in full and in great detail.



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