Synopsis for MIS for IT Institution

‘MIS for IT Institution’ a web based Information System for Systems Domain Pvt. Ltd. that facilitates easy access of information for the user’s and helps them to seek expert guidance from the faculties through the Internet. The system is fine tuned to cater the varying demands of the user’s community seeking a career with Systems Domain courses and projects.

The system is designed incorporating a wide array of choices to ensure maximum support and guidance for the user’s logging into the site. The highlights of the system include an enquiry system, to handle the queries of the students, a registration and booking system that provides online booking and registration facilities for the user’s right from any part of the globe.

The user can use this system to experience a user-friendly sojourn that understands his every impulse. The users are given a wide selection of choices and he can choose any of the options according to his needs.

Flexibility – the ultimate motto of the system – is from the point of view of the Database Administrator by using the ‘Easy Administrator’ module developed along with. The administrator can use the facilities provided in this module to handle the various operations related to updating the Database with ease.

Management System manages the repository of Courses, students, Enquiries, FAQ’s and other permanent information.

The Project Work has been carried out at Pacific IT Solutions, Bangalore.



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