A Project Report on Auto Electric Jack

To design is either to formulate a plan for the satisfaction of a specified need or to solve a problem. If the plan results in the creation of something having a physical reality, then the product must be functional, safe, reliable, competitive, usable, manufacturable, and marketable.

These terms are defined as follows:

  1. Functional: The product must perform to fill its intended need and customer expectation.
  2. Safe: The product is not hazardous to the user, bystanders, or surrounding property. Hazards that cannot be ‘designed out’ are eliminated by guarding (a protective enclosure); if that is not possible, appropriate directions or warning are provided.
  • Reliable: Reliability is the conditional probability, at a given confidence level, that the product will perform its intended function satisfactorily or without failure at a given age.

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  1. Competitive: The product is a contender in its market.
  2. Usable: The product is ‘user friendly’ accommodating to human size, strength. Posture, reach, force, power and control.
  3. Manufacturable: The product has been reduced to a ‘minimum’ number of parts. Suited to mass production, with dimensions, distortion, and strength under control.
  • Marketable: The product can be bought, and service (repair) is available. It is important that the designer begin by identifying exactly how to recognize a satisfactory alternative, and how to distinguish between two satisfactory alternatives in order to identify the better. From this, optimization strategies can be formed or selected.


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