An Automatic Temperature Control System Using 8051 Microcontroller

The project work ―Temperature controlled Fan controls the fan speed automaticallyaccording to the room temperature. The system is designed with microcontroller and micro-controllers are increasingly being used to implement control systems. Since the system is intended to control the fan speed, it is therefore important to

understand micro-controller-controlled system well.

Nowadays with the advancement of technology particularly in the field of micro-controllers, all the activities in our day-to-day living have become part of information technology and we find controllers in each and every application. Thus, the trend is directing towards micro-controller based project works.

A micro-controller contains a CPU, clock circuitry, ROM, Ram and I/O circuitry on a single integrated circuit package. The Micro-controller is therefore, a self-contained device, which does not require a host of associated support chips for its operation as conventional microprocessors do. It offers several advantages over conventional multi-chip systems. There is a cost and space advantage as extra chip costs and printed circuit board and connectors required to support multi-chip systems are eliminated. The other advantages include cheaper maintenance, decreased hardware design effort and decreased board density, which is relevant in portable control equipment.

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In this project work, the program is written in Assembly language and facilitates the display of temperature in degree centigrade, and according to the temperature the controller adjusts the gate pulse of TRAIC, thereby fan speed is adjusted automatically depending up on the temperature. The most fundamental parameter of an industry is temperature. Monitoring and control of temperature of any oven, furnace, broiler, etc; (normally belongs to an Industry) is very essential, otherwise; the material inside the oven or furnace may spoil because of temperature variations. The temperature sensing probe can be placed at exact location where the condition of the temperature to be monitored continuously.

The exact location where the sensing probe is to be installed should be determined on the case of access and the degree of accuracy obtainable at the given point. The steps to be taken to check the accuracy during and after the test are also of extreme importance.




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