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This article is based upon MBA Project – Sharekhan Online Trading. This is a concise form of the project. It includes some of the components of the project, from which you can get an idea to make your own project. This can be very useful for the students of management. You can download the entire as well.


The uncertainty and the rapid fluctuations in the Indian capital market made many investors at home and foreign wary about the future of their investments.  So in order to lessen this uncertainty in the market, SEBI introduced many new trends by making changes in the way the capital market functions by introducing online trading, rolling settlement, dematerialization of shares, etc. This project is only an attempt to find the effect of these trends on the Indian market. This study is done with reference of S.S.KANTILAL ISHWARLAL SECURITIES&INVESTORS Pvt. Ltd. (SSKI), so its scope is limited to SSKI.



The present study “to review the on-line trading procedure” a case study of SSKI Ltd.  As the exchange has changed its trading style from outcry to on-line (screen based) on 20 February 1997.



It is to analyze the changes in trading after the exchange shifted from outcry to online trading system.

It is to study the functions of SHAREKHAN and through various departments.

To know the online screen based trading system adopted by SHAREKHAN and about its communication facilities. The appropriate configuration to set the network, which would link the SHAREKHAN to individual / members.

To know about the latest and future development in the stock exchange trading system, clearly defining each term of the stock exchange procedure.

To study the effect of the changing trends in the capital market on the investor, the broker and on the country largely, particularly in Hyderabad.

To study the functions of SSKI through various departments and committees.

To study the effect of the changing technology on the Capital Market.

To study the procedure of trading in online trading and finding its advantages over the manual trading.



Stock exchanges are an integral part of the capital market. It is the perfect type of market for securities whether of govt. or semi govt. bodies or other bodies as for share and debentures issued by the joint stock enterprises.

Stock exchanges provide liquidity to the listed companies; they give quotations to the listed companies and help in trading and raising funds from the market.

An exchange provides ready market for the sale and purchase of securities.

Stock market in India is more than century old and has been functioning effectively through the medium of recognized stock exchanges. The stock market, which is integral part of the capital, has a major impact on the functioning of the corporate sector in particular. Since the capital market is playing, major role in the Indian economy from the past several years there is an essential need to study the overall functioning of stock exchange.

This method includes the data collected from the personal interaction with authorized members of Share Khan Securities limited.


The scope of the study analyses us to know how the On-line Trading activities are carried out in SHAREKHAN.

DATA COLLECTION METHODS:   The data collection methods include both the primary and secondary collection methods.

Primary method: This method includes the data collected from the personal interaction with authorized members, clerks of the SSKI.

Secondary method: The secondary data collection method includes:

  • The lecturers delivered by the superintendents of respective departments.
  • The brochures and material provided by Share Khan Securities limited.
  • The data collected from the magazines of the NSE, economic times, etc.
  • Various books relating to the investments, capital markets and other related topics.


The study is confined to the past 2-3 years and present system of the trading procedure in the SSKI and the study is confined to cover all the related issues in brief. Online-trading procedure only exhaustive analysis, problems of listing, management of trade, SEBI guidelines relating there to be not covered due to limited time and to keep the study in manageable limits.



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