MBA Project – Study On Mergers And Acqusitions-Strategic Alliance

This article is based upon a MBA Project – Study On Mergers And Acqusitions-Strategic Alliance. this article is very useful for the students of management. some of the contents of the project are written down below and you can download the entire project as well.


The wave of liberalization and globalization has resulted in blurring of the National boundaries, elimination of barriers to marketplaces and as a consequence There has been free flow of technology. Capital and market forces across borders. In simpler terms it implies a more globally – aligned, volatile and responsive Economy. The momentum of change has been strong enough for many domestic Players. Working in a protected economy, to consider their competitive postures. The sudden shift from a protected environment to the stark reality of a globally competitive market place has hit them very hard. The thinning profit margins, Privileges of size, technology and extremely deep pockets, have made survival the Key word for the domestic players.

Indian corporate sector is no exception. Yet long before the corporate raiders Of west started infiltrating, Indian business had begun contemplating a counter Offensive. One such potent survival, as well as, growth strategy was found to be Mergers and Acquisitions. Particularly the last one-decade has been dedicated to Mergers and Acquisitions as vehicle of reducing the response time to competitors Moves and thus generating the much needed critical, mass, quickly.

The study is an attempt to analyse the mergers and acquisition taking place in Some select industries. For this purpose, the following sectors are identified, in four different sections.


I. This study attempts to assets the success the successfulness of M & A strategy in banking industry.

II. It analyses the implications of takeovers from the financial points of view.

III. The main objective of this study is to analyse and compare the financial Performance of merger banks before and after merger.

IV. The merger of GTB with OBC and their synergies is focused in this study.


In this section, the effects of the M & A are identified. A review on M & A In Indian Pharmaceutical Industry and Global Pharma Company mergers and presented.


This section highlights a review on Mittal Arcelor combine. It includes the strategic synergies, impact that the merged entity will have on the steel industry and other aspects of the proposed deal.


The cement section reveals the M & A activities being out in this sector. It Also present a carried review on Holcim’s acquisition of Gujarat Ambuja Cement Ltd (GACL) and its implications for the industry.


Mergers and Acquisitions have gained importance in recent times. Business consolidation by large industrial houses. Consolidation of business by multinationals  operating  in  India, increasing  competition  against  domestic companies  competition  against  imports  have  all  combined to  super M & A activities in India.

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