Microprocessor based Automatic Alternator Synchronization Electrical Project Report


This electrical project report on “Microprocessor based Automatic Alternator Synchronization” and the scheme introduced here is for the complete automation of synchronization i.e. the adjustment of magnitude of voltage and frequency of incoming alternator is done automatically. This report includes existing methods of synchronization, criteria of design, hardware details, program structure, flowchart, etc.

The above picture shows the block diagram of microprocessor based alternator synchronization, which shows a 8085 microprocessor connected with frequency divider circuit, ADC, zero crossing detector, etc.

It is widely known that electrical load on energy system or an commercial established order, is never constant but it varies. To satisfy the requirement of variable load, economically and also for assuring continuity of supply the wide variety of generating devices connected to a system busbar are various certainly.


This paper describes a microprocessor based set up for synchronizing a three phase alternator to a busbar. Also existing methods of synchronization are mentioned.

The auto synchronizer has been evolved to carry out the subsequent responsibilities associated with the synchronization consisting of

i) To check if the phase series of incoming system is correct or in any other case, in case of wrong segment series, to terminate the further steps inside the system and additionally to signify corrective action.

ii) To check if frequency of incoming machine is same to that of busbar and to modify it to a price nearly equal to the busbar frequency.

iii) To check device voltage is equal to that of busbar and to modify it to a cost almost equal to the busbar voltage.

iv) After ascertaining the achievement of the above circumstance, to offer last sign to the circuit breaker in order that the breaker will close the exact in phase immediately.


  • https://www.projectsreports.com/microprocessor-based-automatic-alternator-synchronization-electrical-project-report/?download=707
  • https://www.projectsreports.com/microprocessor-based-automatic-alternator-synchronization-electrical-project-report/?download=708

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