Mobile Computing: Principles, Devices and Operating Systems

Abstract: This paper will have a survey on mobile computing. It involves software, hardware and mobile
communication. Due to this, different types of mobile devices are talked and they are investigated in details.
Then, existing operation systems that are most popular for mentioned devices are talked. Limitations of
mobile computing is another issue that is concerning in this study.

Key word: Mobile computing, mobile devices, mobile operating systems


Mobile computing is an interaction between human and computer by which a computer is expected to be motivating
during normal usage. Mobile computing involves software, hardware and mobile communication. Respectively,
mobile software deals with the requirements of mobile applications. Also, hardware includes the components and
devices which are needed for mobility. Communication issues include ad-hoc and infrastructure networks, protocols,
communication properties, data encryption and concrete technologies.
Mobile computing means being able to use a computing device while changing location properties. Portability is one
aspect of mobile computing .Also, it is referred as the ability to use computing capability without a pre-defined
location and/or connection to a network to for engaging data and information.



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