Portfolio Evaluation And Investment Decision

This article is a concise form of the project ‘Portfolio Evaluation And Investment Decision’. This article includes Introduction, Objective of the study, Limitations and a brief on Investment decision making. The project is attached with this article you can download that as well. This is very useful for MBA and PGDM students.Introduction

This project deals with the different investment decisions made by different people and focuses on element of risk in detail while investing in securities. It also explains how portfolio hedges the risk in investment and giving optimum return to a given amount of risk. It also gives an in depth analysis of portfolio creation, selection, revision and evaluation. The report also shows different ways of analysis of securities, different theories of portfolio management for effective and efficient portfolio construction. It also gives a brief analysis of how to evaluate a portfolio.

Objective of the study

  • To help the investors to decide the effective portfolio of securities.
  • To identify the best portfolio of securities.
  • To study the role and impact of securities in investment decisions.
  • To clearly defining the portfolio selection process.
  • To select an optimal portfolio.


  • The data collected is basically confined to secondary sources, with very little amount of primary data associated with the project.
  • There is a constraint with regard to time allocated for the research study.
  • The availability of information in the form of annual reports & price fluctuations of the companies is a big constraint to the study.

Investment decision making

Investment Management involves correct decision-making. As referred to earlier any investment is risky and as such investment decision is difficult to make. Investment decision is based on availability of money and information on the economy, industry and company and the share prices ruling and expectations of the market and of the companies in question.


  • https://www.projectsreports.com/portfolio-evaluation-and-investment-decision/?download=600

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