Project Report on Consumer Behavior towards Beer Market

This article is based on a Project Report on Consumer Behavior towards Beer Market. This article includes a brief introduction of beer market, Introduction to topic consumer behavior etc.You can download the entire project as well.


The Indian beer industry is quite large at around 65 mn cases (12 bottles of 650 ml each) and in the last 3 years has grown at 14% annum is the unrestricted markets. The per capita consumption stands at a low 0.5 litre. Beer manufacturing requires a license from the centre, which is ratified by the respective state. Till 1989 licensing was restricted, in 1989, the central government relaxed the policy and accepted 460 applications for new projects. Only a few were cleared and fewer still have actually come on ground, on account of the low and uneconomical capacity of 5,000 kilolitres per annum licensed by the government. However the capacity is released to 15,000 kilolitres per annum for NRI proposals with 100% foreign equity, of which minimum 51% has to be on a non repatriable basis. UB, Mohan Meakins and Shaw Wallace are the only companies with a national presence. Companies such as Associated Breweries have built up strong regional brands while operating only in the beer business UB’s Kingfisher is the market leader followed by Hayward 5000, which has emerged as the second largest selling brand in the market share of the various player are as follows : UB Group -40% Shaw Wallace -14% Mohan Meakin -20% Others -26%.


This is the most effective tool in marketing. In liquor industry advertising is not allowed by the Indian Government therefore they are indulged in surrogate advertising Products with similar brand name: – This is very common method used in the liquor industry, here companies introduced a non-alcoholic product with similar brand name and advertise it in full swing. Financially sound players use this. “Kingfisher” brand of mineral water launched by UB group to promote the Kingfisher brand of beer. Similarly Mohan Meakins launched “Golden Eagle” brand of mineral water to promote the same brand of beer. “Genius” mineral water is launched by SOM Distilleries to promote “Genius” whisky.

• Television

• Print media

• Hoarding

• Glowsign Board

• Wall Painting

• POP’s

• Window Display



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