Project Report On Invester Attitude Towards Primary Market

The past twenty five years have witnessed a process of accelerating change in the world’s financial markets. Driven by an interacting process of liberalization and innovation, regulations have been removed. New products have emerged and old boundaries between financial intermediaries have been blurred. This article is a concise form of The Project Report On Investor Attitude Towards Primary Market. This article includes Abstract, Problems of the new issue market etc. and you can download the entire project as well.

Being a student of Master of Business Administration course research projects are essential exercise and every student of professional studies is compulsory to go through these type of project to find out the exposure of corporate world and its day-to-day dynamic characteristics. It is of paramount importance that apart from theoretical knowledge, one must obtain some practical knowledge. Specific aim, of this survey report is to provide an opportunity to management student to have some exposure in real business world. As we know that in today’s corporate scenario, primary market is taking place very frequently for the sake of investment & earn good return. This thing made me interested in this topic to find out the attitude of investors towards primary market. Finally, I would say that this work gave me an opportunity to expose and exploit my skills to the maximum and really it was a nice and an educating experience. Which help me to know some valuable acts. Its completion has provided me immense satisfaction.

Introduction to problems of the new issue market

The euphoria generated by the liberalization of economy bill that was passed by Parliament on changed the whole market scenario players are active in establishing themselves in the Indian insurance market. Indian Players are in no less hurry. Curiously public sector banks and financial institutions are equally enthusiastic in grabbing the new business opportunities in his entire scramble, consumer appears to have emerged as the sole winner for he can, henceforth have a plehora of choices to exercise as a result of this fee or all atmosphere. The new issue market could not mobilize adequate savings of the public as only 4 percent of the financial savings of the household sector are mobilized for investment in shares and debentures. It will be pertinent to summaries briefly the main problems of the new
issue market here.



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