Report on How to Introduce and Manage Organizational Changes

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a tool, which can be used when carrying out organizational changes within Saab Aerosystems. The tool shall be in the form of a functional checklist. The checklist shall include identified important factors that influence the success of a change and shall be adapted according to the company’s culture. This checklist shall also include a couple of different tools that will help the organization to measure the progress of the change project. Three change projects are studied and the research is based on interviews with persons who are
involved in some of these three projects. This thesis is the completed part of the program of Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management and the time is limited to 20 weeks.

This time limitation has made it impossible to do a complete research and to speak with all employees within Saab Aerosystems. Consequently, all voices within Saab Aerosystems have not been heard, but people from as many different departments as possible have been interviewed and they represent the company as a whole.

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Only large organizational changes, which influence the whole company, have been studied. This means that the conclusions from this thesis are only used for this type of change project. Changes that only affect one department or other smaller units of the company are not studied and the results are therefore not adapted to these types of changes.

All of the three studied change projects were up and running when this thesis began and therefore no studies were performed during initial project phases. Persons who were involved during these initial phases have however been interviewed in order to describe the adaptation process for changes within Saab Aerosystems. This delimitation means that some initial feelings of resistance or expectations have not been expressed, as these feelings are normal to forget once a project has been up and running for some time.




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