Report on Long distance Design Manufacturing Interaction

The research task is defined at the School of Engineering at Jönköping University as a part of the research project called „Distributed Innovation Projects: Management of technological and organizational challenges in distributed settings (DINO).

The overall aim of the project is to develop a support tool that describes challenges that an industrial product development project must manage when product development and production are organizationally and geographically separated.

This thesis study is carried out based on real cases that two companies in Sweden which produce outdoor power products and office products respectively. These two companies lately acquired manufacturing sites in China and they have already started a new product development project together with the Chinese sites.

In one company, it is planned the new product which to is launched early in spring 2011 to the EU market as the first-series of product in the Chinese plant. Due to confidentiality in this research project, the companies are called Company Office and Company Outdoor.

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The task of this master thesis project is to perform a study of how personnel at a Chinese manufacturing site appreciate the interaction with a product design team located in Sweden. In order to achieve this, the main objective is to get insight to the way personnel in Chinese manufacturing site interact with product design in Sweden site and also to understand their impressions and perceptions from this cooperation. Therefore the research questions are defined as followings:

● How is design-manufacturing interaction conceptualized in the literature?
● Which challenges are related to an interaction between Chinese personnel involved in manufacturing (or related activities such as purchasing, etc) and product design teams in Sweden?
● What can be done to manage the challenges?




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