Report on The Influence of Chocolate and Wafer on Customers

The objective is to investigate what feelings trigger the amount of chocolate and a number of wafers. The number of wafers and the amount of chocolate covering differs between the products used as a basis for this study.

Test of validity

In this phase, validation is carried out to check for any defects or weaknesses in the design

and required measures are taken in order to fix it otherwise the final result will be useless.

Creating survey

Creating a survey is carried out in seven steps which are explained below.

  1. Name and description: The survey can be given a name and a description here. These

will be displayed in the survey manager and also in the first page of the survey along

with the welcoming message.

  1. Demographic questions: It is possible to use demographic questions in order to, i.e.

age groups, hometown etc. It has three types of questions; ranged questions, multiple

The influence of chocolate and wafer on customers – An application of Kansei Engineering


choice questions and free text questions. A requirement of at least one demographic

question is needed in order to continue creating the survey.

  1. Kansei words: Here, the user may input all the Kansei words needed for the survey.

These are the questions to be answered by the participants. These words relate to the

products created in step 5. These words will also be displayed in the analysis as a

distribution of the result.

  1. Kansei items and categories: They represent the structure and properties of the

product. Under each item a property is entered and under the category to this item the

types of properties are entered.

  1. Kansei products: Here the user creates the product based on the items and categories

keyed in the previous step. The user may have two products with the same item but it

requires some editing in step 6.

  1. Product validation: An alert is given to the user that some products will be ignored

and needs editing. A duplicate product requires editing as the software ignores the

duplicate product if it is not edited before proceeding. The software also shows the

missing combinations of products so that the user may give a name and add it. All

these options are available when the edit tab is clicked in the product validation page.

  1. Customize products: Provides a finishing touch to each product and this step is

optional. The user may provide a description; upload images, video URL and audio

URL. When the finish button is pressed editing the survey will not be possible.

It has to be noted once again that add buttons are linked to the enter key in the keyboard in

order to create the survey quicker.



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