Study Of Consumer Behaviour Regarding Two Wheeler

This article is a concise form of a project report. The project report is based on a Study Of Consumer Behavior Regarding Two Wheeler. This article also has the project report based upon a Study Of Consumer Behavior Regarding Two Wheeler attached with it.Tis article includes a brief about the two wheeler industry, research methodology etc. You can get an idea from this article in order to prepare a project report and you can download the entire project as well.


In two wheeler markets India has the world second largest Market (after China). In India every month sold nearly 3-lakh motor cycle. The two- wheeler industry is among the few that have Managed to face the industrial slow down. The industry’s impressive growth of over 10% for four year till 2006-07. But in 2007-08 there was a drop in agricultural output. But a boost comes in the 6 th Pay commission recommendation. After year of cursing along at fairly relaxed pace, twowheeler industry has finally stepped on the acceleator & swayed its way timely in to the first lane. All the major players in the market including BAJAJ AUTO, HERO HONDA,TVS ,SUZUKI, ESCORT YAMAHA, KINETIC & LML, work over time to grab slice of two-wheeler pie as possible, the market is suddenly roaring for action. Most of them like BAJAJ AUTO, HERO HONDA, TVS, LML, KINETIC, YAMAHA are adding of their existing range by launching new state of art product to meet competition head on.


Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of study how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted by the researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them. Research Design The proposed study is of EXPLORATORY NATURE. • Primary Data : Primary data i.e. collected for the first time. It is fresh and originally collected by the surveyor. I will used only primary data in calculating the study and collect the data. • Sampling Design : All people residing in Bhiwani in universe. People existing & Potential customer are our population. • Sample Size : A sample of 100 respondents from the different locations from Bhiwani City. Tools and analysis  Structured Questionnaire  Primary Data.



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