Study of Tax Saving Schemes in Mutual Funds MBA Project

This article is a concise form of a Study of Tax Saving Schemes in Mutual Funds MBA Project. This article can be very useful for the students of management. This article includes Introduction, Objectives and limitations. You can download the entire project as well.


The third phase began with the entry of private and foreign sectors in the Mutual Fund industry in 1993.  Kothari Pioneer Mutual Fund was the first fund to be established the private sector in association with a foreign fund.  At the end of financial year 2000 (31st March) funds were functioning with Rs. 113005 crores as total assets under management.  As on August end 2000 there were 33 funds with 391 schemes and assets under management with Rs. 102849 crores.

As you probably know, mutual funds have become extremely popular over the last 20 years. What was once just another obscure financial instrument is now a part of our daily lives. More than 80 million people, or one half of the households in America, invest in mutual funds  That means that, in the United States alone, trillions (yes, with a “T”) of dollars are invested in mutual funds.

In fact, to many people, investing meaying mutual funds. After all, it’s common knowledge that incesting in mutual funds is (or at least should be) better than simply letting your cash waste away in a savings account, but, for most people, that’s where the understanding of funds ends. It doesn’t help that mutual fund salespeople speak a strange language that, sounding sort of like English, is interspersed with jargon like MER, NAVPS, load/no-load, etc.

Originally mutual funds were heralded as a way for the little guy to get a piece of the market. Instead of spending all your free time buried in the financial pages of the Wall Street Journal, all you have to do is buy a mutual fund and you’d be set on your way to financial freedom. As you might have guessed, it’s not that easy. Mutual funds are an excellent idea in theory, but, in reality, they haven’t always delivered. Not all mutual funds are created equal, and investing in mutuals isn’t as easy as throwing your money at the first salesperson who solicits your business.


  • To study the tax savings scheme on mutual funds, its performance in the market, and its exposure to stock.
  • To study the potential of mutual funds in ICICI Prudential life insurance

To analyse the performance of various mutual funds schemes and suggests the best one.


  • The study is limited to the mutual Fund of ICICI prudential life insurance.
  • It studies about its performance and tax savings.
  • The duration of the study is limited.



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